New Artist at the London Museum of Water & Steam

A very warm Water & Steam welcome to Tim Westley who is joining the ranks of our Artists in residence.

Tim is a professional knife maker, who hand forges, stamps, and sharpens knives in our Forge studio.  A former chef, Tim worked and travelled his way across the world, encountering lots of dull blades along the way.

Inspired after holding Frodo’s sword, Sting, on a trip to New Zealand, Tim has been crafting knives with a strong Japanese influence for the last three years. He isn’t wedded to making knives the traditional Japanese way, but rather with his own special flair. Living on a narrowboat,  tim is keenly aware of the plastic currently polluting the Thames, and often makes knife handles using plastic collected from the river.

See more of Tim’s knives on his Instagram

Buy Tim’s knives on his website