Our Staff

Liz Power, Director

Liz is the Director of the Museum and is responsible for fundraising and the management of the Museum. She can be contacted at liz.power@waterandsteam.org.uk

Gemma Cante, Learning Coordinator

Gemma is responsible for our school visits and public programme offer, as well as community outreach work. She can be contacted by schools at learning@waterandsteam.org.uk, and by community groups at community@waterandsteam.org.uk. For all other enquiries, please email her at gemma.cante@waterandsteam.org.uk

Veronica Tuke, Finance Manager

Veronica  looks after the Museum’s finances. She can be contacted at museum.accounts@waterandsteam.org.uk

Joanna Walsh, Front of House Coordinator 

Joanna is the Front of House Coordinator at the Museum. She can be contacted at j.walsh@waterandsteam.org.uk