Our Staff

Liz Power, Director

Liz is the Director of the Museum and is responsible for fundraising and the management of the Museum. She can be contacted at liz.power@waterandsteam.org.uk

Gemma Eglinton, Learning Coordinator

Gemma is responsible for our school visits and public programme offer, as well as community outreach work. She can be contacted by schools at learning@waterandsteam.org.uk, and by community groups at community@waterandsteam.org.uk. For all other enquiries, please email her at gemma.eglinton@waterandsteam.org.uk

Christina Ross, Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Christina is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at the Museum. She is responsible for evening and corporate hires of the Museum. Contact Christina at christina.ross@waterandsteam.org.uk

Veronica Tuke, Finance Manager

Veronica  looks after the Museum’s finances. She can be contacted at museum.accounts@waterandsteam.org.uk

Joanna Walsh, Front of House Coordinator 

Joanna is the Front of House Coordinator at the Museum. She can be contacted at j.walsh@waterandsteam.org.uk