We’re Back for Winter

Lockdown, but back up again!

The news of the second lockdown came at the end of our first week of reopening, and it felt like a major blow. We had worked so hard to reopen, and here we were back at the first step again.

It felt sad to close again so soon

But as always after we had got used to the idea, we were able to use the lockdown time as best we could. The continuation of the furlough scheme meant we where able to part furlough all the staff as we were not able to open. But we could have contactors on site, delivering elements of the funded project from the National Lottery Heritage fund, which is much easier to do when the Museum is not full of visitor or community groups.

New railings installed during our closure period

We had planned to have our Learning Freelancer Lauren working with families every Saturday during this time, instead she was able to produce some short films to help families make some crafts, much needed for those long cold weekends. Watch them here

And I used my furlough time to work on a new cross stitch, be grateful that my children were in school and have some rest. 2020 has been like a long uphill walk, and I don’t think we are at the top yet, so I felt very grateful to be able to take some time to get ready for this winter.
We are reopening again on the 5th December, with news of vaccines in the headlines and hope at last that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

As a museum we still have many obstacles to overcome, lack of income, vulnerable staff and volunteers unable to be in the Museum, COVID restrictions making it difficult for us and the visitors and ongoing uncertainty. But I feel positive as we head into this long winter, we are looking forward to opening the doors again, we look forward to better times in the spring and will keep going, with all your help and support, during this winter.