Spring Blooming In The Garden

March has been a particularly colourful month in the garden with tulips and daffodils and now blossoming trees, especially the plums, which I hope means a good crop will appear in the autumn, if we can beat the birds. We have a new scarecrow, Ernest, but we fear he is more ornament than use, since the crows are still much in evidence. It seems that the peregrines prefer a meal of pigeon and are not partial to crows!

A photograph of our scarecrow, Ernest, leaned up against a fence, wearing glasses and a boiler suit.

Ernest the scarecrow- complete with LMWS name badge!

We already have some crops planted including mange tout and carrots, and the rhubarb is developing well.  As always, though, it is the weeds that grow best.

Visitors to the garden often miss the area behind the Hammersmith beam, which is a pity, because we have ‘secret’ paths to explore, and recently a new one created by our volunteer Terry close to the pavement, which is a fine bit of landscaping- and all made from materials found on site: bricks and wood, including trunks from the ex hedge at the front of our site neatly trimmed to form a fence.

Flowers in bloom

If you have not seen it, do have a look- and feel free to pause and pull out the odd weed or two!

Would you like to volunteer in our garden? Please visit www.waterandsteam.org.uk/volunteer.