Nine days of fun!

Half term is always so much fun at the Museum, full of families the Museum comes alive with noise and excitement.

And this Half term has been extra special. We had no idea at the start of the week that we would only have this week, it was special before we knew we would have to close again.

We have had so many high points, the booking system working really well, the return of our Front of House volunteers, the enjoyment of the Where’s Wally trail, the brilliant    photos of Brentford Though my Lens and seeing our new café Our Bran get settled in.

With the visitors came new and old faces. Children so excited to be back, the families that came in every other day. Mums and Dads being made to do laps to see everything and lots of children getting wet in the splash zone, and our every growing group art work.

Of course there where a few hiccups, running out of trails and cleaning lots of pencils as we didn’t buy enough for our quarantine system, the time I messed up the till so bad a had to call in for extra help.

And we have had some extra special guesses, Tony Louki the Major of Hounslow, our local MP Ruth Cadbury and last but not least Buzz from Brentford FC popped in on Sunday. And that last Sunday was very strange, all the adults talking about the news once again, and air of something coming to an end just as it had started.


We have welcomed 504 people this week, about 25% of the visitors we would normally see during half term, but it has felt very special. Yes, it was not as busy as normal, but opening the Museum has felt needed and wanted by our visitors, and very loved.

As we again close the Museum we do so this time knowing that the Museum is all ready for us to open up again, the systems are in place and it is still a safe fun space for our families. And the big thing we know is how much there is a need for us, people so sad that we have to close again. For now we go back to working from home, planning and working for the future of the Museum.

Stay safe we will see you very soon

Liz, Gemma, Joanna and Hayley