We’re Good To Go!

You might have seen this green tick with the words ‘We’re Good to Go’ in lots of places, but what does it mean?

It’s a new consumer mark awarded by Visit Britain, England, particularly to public tourist attractions and museums like ours. It lets you know that we’ve put measures into place to protect our staff, volunteers and visitors and that we’re keeping up to date with the latest advice and guidelines.

So what have we done to meet the requirements?

Well, firstly, we’ve carried out and updated risk assessments and brought in mitigations. For example, the risk of spreading germs through coughs and sneezes is mitigated through having a one way system throughout the building, and asking visitors to stay at least 4 cats apart! We’ve also introduced Perspex screens at our reception desk and café serving area.

Staff have been consulted and are working from home whenever possible, and wearing masks when onsite. We are mindful of the health of our volunteers and have reduced the number who can be onsite at any one time. We hope that one day we can return to big tea and biscuit breaks in the mess room kitchen, but for now, we’re keeping to just two at a time.

We’ve increased our cleaning, and will have a cleaner onsite all day every day whenever we’re open. The main focus will be on any touch points such as our interactives, handles and in the café.

We have reviewed our physical space and know how many people can be in any space at one time. We have also introduced timed ticketing so that we can make sure we never have too many people in at once. Luckily we have large buildings, with high ceilings and lots of outdoor space.

We’ve put in lots of bright, friendly new signage to let visitors know about the guidance and the new route. ‘No Waiting Here, Full Steam Ahead’ signs let you know whenever you’re in a pinch point and there are reminders to stay with your household bubble.

We’ve placed hand sanitiser stations with signage all along the route, particularly focussing on areas where there are things to touch. And we’ve set the hand sanitiser at child height and used the words ‘Hand Gel’ as it’s easier for all to read.

We are subscribed to regular updates from Visit Britain / Visit England to let us know of any changes.

We have taken time to get this right, because it’s important to us that the Museum is a safe and fun place to be. We are thankful to have the best visitors in the world! You support us and help us by following the guidelines and letting us know what we can do for you.

Come and see us over October half term, look our for our new signs and enjoy our new route through the world’s largest collection of stationary steam engines, with plenty to discover along the way. You can book here.