FCC Environment Donate Oil Pump

Thank you very much to Dan Yarsley of FCC Environment, who kindly donated an oil pump to our Friday team, after visiting and seeing the Friday team struggling to perform an oil change on one of our engines.

A picture of Dan Yarsley and Ed Fagan shaking hands

Dan and Ed

FCC Environment donated the Museum a Piusi Oil Transfer Pump,  which is sure to be a great help to their work. Friday team member Ed said ” This will save us a lot of time and energy when doing oil changes on engines- at the moment, we’re doing it by hand, which is a fiddly and messy operation- having all of the oil contained will turn this from a pain into an easy task”


A picture of our new Piusi pump

If you would like to donate your time, money, or goods in kind to the Museum, please email [email protected].