Allen Diesel Engine

The Allen Diesel Engine is one of four originally installed at Kew Bridge. The engines were installed to meet extra demand during the summer months and, along with electrical pumps, to replace the steam engines when they retired during the 1940s.

Our diesel engine is a three cylinder, 4-stroke engine, coupled to a centrifugal pump.

It has many feaures in common with more modern diesel engines, including a fully enclosed crankcase, but still has an external flywheel.

Date of manufacture1935
Cylinder Diameter13.5 inches (350 mm)
Stroke18.5 inches (470 mm)
Water output per minute1000 Gallons (4546 litres)
Water output per 24 hours1.4 M Gallons (6.3 M litres)
Revolutions per minute333
Last worked1985
Restored to work1986