Key Stage 2

Coming to the London Museum of Water & Steam allows your class to see the power of the Industrial Revolution in a genuine Victorian pumping station.

These sessions cover topics such as; local history, changes and developments in scientific ideas and the causes, significances and consequences of historical events.

Sessions are challenging and highly interactive, with pupils engaged in experiments, investigating sources and role play.

Please browse the descriptions below, or download the school pack for full details. Then contact the Learning Coordinator to arrange your visit to the museum.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon.

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Victorian Washday at London Museum of Water & Steam

Victorian Washday

Children will explore, using real museum objects, how the Victorians did their clothes washing. They will consider the effort involved and how machinery, through time, has changed and automated the process.

Water Filtration

Children will consider the importance of clean drinking water and its impact on health. Using scientific equipment, pupils will then conduct their own experiment in order to clean dirty Thames water.