Ready to Reopen

As I walked across the car park in lovely sunshine on Saturday afternoon, carrying another chair, I wondered to myself how many chairs I have moved over my 21 years of working in Museums. I have been working in independent Museums, national Museums, big ones and small ones, in Front of House, and Back of House roles, and the one thing I have always done is move lots of chairs. And Saturday may have been the peak of my ‘moving things around a Museum’ career!

Moving a gazebo

Liz moves the gazebo

On Saturday morning I had woken up, even earlier than normal, so excited to go to the Museum. What once was normal was now something that made me pack like I was going on holiday! With face masks and hand gel, myself, Gemma and Joanna all headed in to set up the site for the reopening of the outdoor spaces. We had a list of jobs to do and a long day ahead of us, but that could not dampen the excitement of seeing some of my team in person for the first time in four months, a wonderful moment. (Only two of us wanted to be in the photos – but we promise there are three of us!)

Tiny team reunited! And so happy about it

And then the moving things began! Chairs, tables, benches (not sure when my shins will recover from that one!) and a gazebo all to be put in place. Banners to go up so people walking and driving past can see our reopening information, and our new text to donate number.

Coordinating banners and branches into place

We were joined by Science Projects, who built the Splash Zone, to get that favourite part of the outside ready. Hose pipes, scrubbing brushes and lots of elbow grease meant that two hours brought back the shine that 4 months of not being used had dulled.

We deep cleaned the Splash Zone

And the signs, so many signs! The laminator hummed as we made sure that our visitors would know where the hand gel is, and to keep their distance from each other.

Keep your hands squeaky clean!

The day was ended by making a small film for our social media about what we are doing over the summer. And as the team jumped out of pipes, ran round the car park, and popped out of the play house I realised that although my feet were sore, my arms tired and my legs worn out, I am working with an amazing team, and this may have been my best ever day moving things around a Museum.