New Team Member Needed!

Even in the middle of a pandemic life carries on, and we are delighted that Gemma will be soon going onto Maternity leave, and LMWS will have a new baby in its little team by the summer. That does however leave us with some very big boots to fill!

Since March 2020 Gemma, like all of us staff, has done a combination of full furlough, full hours work and at the moment flexi furlough, working one day per week. So what kind of cover do we need while Gemma is on maternity leave becoming a parent?

Well, we know that we are not expecting schools to return until after October half term, and that has been the largest part of the Learning Coordinator’s role for many years. But over the last two years the role has encompassed many other elements of Museum life that are now so familiar to us. Looking after our community groups and making contacts, plans and projects with them. Delivering a packed programme of activities for families, and over the last year using our social media to communicate with our communities who love the Museum as much as we do. All of this while working closely with myself and Joanna to open the Museum, welcoming visitors when we can.

So it seemed natural to look for a part-time Engagement Coordinator, who can for fill these elements of the role needed at the moment. We have started recruitment, looking for someone fun, energetic and full of ideas. This is a really key time for our Museum, and over the next 9 months the Engagement Coordinator will be key to bringing the Museum back to life, and filling it up once again with happy visitors. We are excited about looking for and finding the right person to help us grow, learn and develop what we do. I always enjoy interviewing people, it is always such a pleasure to meet new people and I am sure it will be just as interesting over Zoom.

We hope to have more news for you about the new team member April, but in the meantime if this job sounds like the right thing for you, have a look at the full application pack here

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