A little Imagination goes a long way.......

Aug 7 2017 4:41 PM

On the 2nd of August the London Museum of Water and Steam were delighted to accept generous financial donation from the Imagination Factory , which will be used to expand the Museum’s extensive collection of specialist books relating to water supply, subsidiary technologies and their social impact. 
This collection is probably the most extensive of its kind in the world and the donation will allow us to enhance it, as well as ensure it can be made available to both industry and academia for research and knowledge sharing purposes.
Working in conjunction with the Museum’s library and collection of data on pumps, including 100 year-old textbooks and instruction manuals, Imagination Factory has successfully designed a new low-cost, solar-powered steam pump, using the principles of the 18th century Pulsometer Pump.  Powered by an endlessly renewable energy source, the new pump will help to provide irrigation in the developing world, as part of an InnovateUK funded programme in collaboration with the Department for International Development.
This collaboration is a perfect example of how preserving the past also enables the Museum to inform the future.