Pumping Engines in Steam


    14th – 4th September 2020


    All day


    London Museum of Water and Steam

    This event is running from 16th March 2019 until 21st December 2019.

Today, you can enjoy a ride on our Museum locomotive. Running every 15 minutes from 11am until 3:30, you can enjoy a steam powered trip around the Museum building. Steam powered locomotives were used in sites similar to ours to shuttle coal around the waterworks.

In the Museum, we will be operating one of our Steam Hall engines. You will see one of the following in action: our Triple, our Dancers End, or our Easton and Amos. Running times will be clearly signposted in the Museum entrance.

See Upcoming Dates on the right hand side of this page for more dates that the railway and Steam Hall engines will be running together.